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In the vast landscape of technology, APIs stand as the unsung heroes, the bridges that connect disparate islands of software. Yet it's surprising that, while they hold such potential, they remain underutilized. A mere 29% of enterprise applications are integrated.1 Why is this number not closer to 100%? The answer lies in the complexity and inaccessibility of APIs.

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The Power of OpenAPI

OpenAPI, a specification that describes how APIs behave, has emerged as a beacon in the foggy world of our industry. Yet the industry's approach to OpenAPI remains archaic; in an age where we can simulate entire virtual worlds and have computers generate art, people still write API references by hand. The power of OpenAPI isn't just in its ability to describe an API, but in its potential to automate and enhance the way we interact with them.

The Dream: Universal SDKs and Great Documentation

Imagine a world where every API you encounter comes with a toolkit, tailored for every programming language you can think of. A world where documentation isn't a dreary manual, but an intuitive and engaging tool. This isn't a pipe dream. Existing SDK generators have simply failed to gain adoption. They often produce clunky, inefficient, or even broken code. We've tried them and, like many, we've been disappointed.

Sideko: From API to Product in Minutes

Using the Sideko Platform, we took the Hacker News API and generated 5 SDKs, spanning multiple languages, and paired them with documentation that is beautiful as well as functional. And the kicker? All of this was done in mere minutes.

This isn't a one-off showcase. We're on a mission to demonstrate this capability with a plethora of APIs, to show that turning an API into a complete product doesn't have to be a difficult custom project—it can be as simple as a few clicks.

See the generated docs here:

And watch the demo of how we used Sideko to generate this:

The Rust Advantage: Confidence in SDK Code Generation

Rust, with its rich type system, ensures that our code is not just efficient, but also correct. Its macro system is nothing short of transformative. The combination of Rust's type system and its macro capabilities gave us unparalleled confidence in tackling the challenge of SDK generation.

Experience the Power of Sideko's SDK Generator for Free

In the world of software, seeing is believing. That's why we're excited to share that now you can try it out for yourself! We invite you to dive in and test it out on your own APIs. All the resources you need to get started are available at our GitHub repository: Please give us a ⭐️ if you find it useful!

Join the Sideko Pilot: Shape the Future of Developer Experience

At Sideko, we're not just building tools; we're crafting the next generation of developer experiences. While our free SDK generator is just the tip of the iceberg, we have a suite of advanced tools and features that we're eager to share with the world. But more than that, we want to co-create this future with you. Let us know here and we will get back to you promptly.

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