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Python SDK Generated by Sideko
from your_api import ApiClient

sdk = ApiClient("token")

response = sdk.send(
text="Hello world!"

>> response.ok # success!

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API Specifications uploaded to Sideko keep your tools up to date.

  • Ship changes and instantly give customers the latest functionality
  • Internal APIs stay connected without manual code changes
  • Frontend teams immediately access new API functionality

Sideko Features

Sideko turns your APIs into complete products. As your APIs change, Sideko watches and updates your tooling.


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Customize the code. Hide internal APIs. Add deprecation warnings

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  • Unlimited SDKs
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  • API Documentation with Custom Domains
  • SSO Permissioned Portal
  • 100% Test Coverage of your APIs and SDKs
  • Multi-environment Workflows
  • Mock Servers
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
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