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Python SDK Generated by Sideko
import your_sdk

client = your_sdk.Client("token")

response = client.send(
text="Hello world!"

>> response.ok # success!

Offer effortless integrations with documented SDKs.

Sideko uses OpenAPI to generate SDKs that

actually work

and documentation that shows that you

care about developer experience.


Sideko will turn your API into a complete product that maintains itself. As your API changes, Sideko watches and updates the code.


Offer copy + paste integration experiences


Python, Typescript, Go, Ruby, Rust...

Customize Everything

Customize the code. Hide internal APIs. Add deprecation warnings


(coming soon) Ask for SDK code snippets in natural language

Request Chaining

(coming soon) Construct common API workflows. Delete your API guides

Market your API

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Publish your first version free. Upgrade for synced updates and more.


  • SDKs and Documentation
  • One API
  • Github Integration
  • One Version


  • Unlimited API projects
  • Unlimited SDK versions
  • Unlimited generations
  • Customized branding
  • Customize your Code Workflow
  • Early access to beta features


/ month


  • On-site deployment
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Permissioned Developer Portals
  • 100% Test Coverage on Testing Suites
  • Multi-environment Workflows
  • Premium Support
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